What Pandemic?
A new Release

Chief-Bop Diana Winn has teamed up — virtually — with her old friend Colin McCaffrey to write and record Pandemic Saturday. You can hear it now at Colin's website.

Attention Online Music Shoppers—

As we all know, the way people get their music is changing. And while more and more of it is drifting down to us from one Cloud or another, we at RE-BOP still believe in RECORDS — shiny discs we can hold in our hands, protected by sturdy cases, with colorful booklets to enjoy while we spin our tunes. We bet you do, too.

The fact is, those of us who still like to buy CDs are a shrinking market. But a very special one to us! We intend to provide you with this purchase option for a long time to come.

To make this possible, we are streamlining our payment options. From here on, CD purchases through this website will all be handled via PayPal. This will be cheaper and easier for us, and it also means that our customers will have the security of no longer having to provide a credit card number to us when they make a purchase. PayPal is probably the best, most secure way to buy things from small vendors like ourselves on the web.

Still prefer to make a credit card purchase directly? Many of our CDs are also available from our friends at CD Baby.

Interested in digital downloads of our songs? You will find most of these tracks available on CD Baby, iTunes, and many more of your favorite online vendors.

Happy listening!


See the Flying Stage in Action

Re-SPACE is a new community venue for performances and educational workshops, created as a joint partnership of ReSOURCE Vermont and Re-Bop Records. Phase One of its creation, the installation of the Flying Stage, was accomplished through the stewardship and support of Chief Re-Bop Diana Winn Levine, in partnership with: the non-profit entities ReSOURCE-VT, YouthBuild of Barre, VT, and many willing hands from the community.

Click here for video coverage of the ReSPACE/Flying Stage inauguration event.

ReSPACE is located within the ReSOURCE depot at 34 Granite Street in Barre, VT. The ReSOURCE store sells donated used furniture, household items, building supplies and all manner of materials for re-use. One physical space, a host of uses.


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Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

“How great to hear kids singing Blues they can mean!”


—Bonnie Raitt

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

Lively story-songs introduce the building blocks of math & science

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

From bouncy to boisterous, 15 dog songs with a soap opera plot woven through

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

Mother Goose like you’ve never heard it before —
60 songs and rhymes in 60 minutes!

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

Re-Bop Dads present nightsongs and heart-to-hearts for children of all ages

For Kids By Kids cd cover  

Sparkling original poems performed by kids. “The clever, quirky wordplay, alliteration, and rhyme beg for repeated listenings”

—Child Magazine


The Re-Bop Library of Classic Oldies

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

The record that started it all, proving that children love rock ’n roll oldies like the rest of us. Accept no substitutes!

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

Have a cool Christmas with Re-Bop. Run Rudolph Run, Tossing & Turning, Nuttin’ For Christmas, and lots more

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

A delightful story, told with the help of 11 big Motown favorites...
all done the
Re-Bop way

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

Our biggest seller! Just try to resist The Name Game, Mah Na Mah Na, Yakety Yak, and the rest

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

We celebrated our 10th year with this collection of rockin’ party tunes, all sung by kids!

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

The title says it all...
includes Boy From New York City, The Lion Sleeps Tonight, and 10 more gems

Even Kids Get the Blues cd cover

Some of the most out-rageous characters from our first 6 releases. Beware the Purple People Eater!

Attention Grownups :
You may also be interested in these releases from our sister label, Miss Demeanor Music—

Boss of Creation

If I Were the Boss of Creation
Island Poems of Maine
Bob Quinn

Boss of Creation

Pictures of the Pinelands
Poems & Watercolors by Mary E. Winn
w/ audio reading by Cerridwyn McCaffrey

Boss of Creation

Turning Back Beautiful
Songs of Diana Winn
Vermont Divas

Boss of Creation

Sink or Swim
A Journey Through Loss and Recovery
Diana Winn

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