The Flying Stage at ReSOURCE Barre • 30 Granite St

Fred Wilber Jofus Phil Carr

with opening band




and featuring

3 holes of mini-golf

ReUSE Golf logo

inside under the laser lights!

Saturday December 3

Doors open 7:30 • Concert & dancing begins 8:00pm

General admission: $10 — $7 for youth and for Barre residents, $20 for families
payable at the door, or in advance at


Flying Stage Productions and ReSOURCE VT bring you a full evening of fun

MadMan3 explore the sonic landscape with sophisticated dance/trance electronica and textural flights of fancy. Locals will fondly remember these musicians from their earlier incarnation as Ken Sleeps Naked. Featuring Fred Wilber on keys, electronics, and voice, Jofus on Chapman stick bass and assorted electronics, and Phillip Bruce Carr, Jr. on drums. This evening they will be joined by special guest vocalist Chris Steller.
(Ricka talks with Fred and Phil here)

Anachronist also features Phil Carr on drums, along with Angela Paladino on vocals and percussion, Brian Clark on guitars and vocals, Craig Jarvis on guitar, and Mike Donofrio on bass. Theirs is an alt-rock sound grounded on Brian's considerable songwriting talents. Their latest CD is Lost in the Corners.

ReSOURCE ReUSE Mini Golf is another fine example of how this organization puts discarded materials to creative new uses. And it's a lot of fun!

Back Road BBQ

And that's still not all—
Back Road BBQ will also be on hand, for those who have a hankering for delicious down-home barbecue and more.
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